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This element can be added to Wilcom e4 Lettering and e4 Editing. It is standard in Wilcom Decorating Digital Edition and Wilcom Designing Digital Edition.

A Wilcom software screenshot showing the kiosk interface

Kiosk is a simple to use interface for generating pre-defined layouts of text and designs. Users type in their text, pick a thread colour and send the design directly to an embroidery machine.

A user could be a member of the production staff or a customer in a retail store.

Key Features

  1. See a live Trueview preview as text is typed

  2. Select a thread colour from a custom palette

  3. One click file export to an embroidery machine 

  4. Password protection to lock the Kiosk app

  5. Display layout choices as a scrollable list

Advanced Features

  • Replace the top banner with your company logo

  • Show a product image behind the embroidery Trueview preview

  • Restrict the amount of characters

  • Restrict the overall design width

Elements start at just £343+vat each

Buy two and save 10% | Buy three and save 25% | Buy six and save 35%

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