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A picture of the Wilcom Decorating software box

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Decorating

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Decorating is Wilcom’s entry level digitising program. If you’re new to the embroidery industry and want an affordable software to create corporate and sports style logos, this program is for you.

Digitising Power


Editing Power


Lettering Power


Unlock the potential of your embroidery business with EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Decorating

With Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Decorating, you can transform artwork into beautiful embroidery in no time. Plus, with our user-friendly interface, you don't need to be a tech expert to use it!


  • Simplified digitising tools

  • 220 embroidery fonts

  • Convert embroidery designs to high resolution print files

  • Create applique designs

  • Connect to commercial embroidery machines

  • Includes CorelDraw® Graphics Suite

Graphic based digitising tools

Redraw shapes and fill them with stitches to create beautiful looking embroidery. 

A picture showing a screenshot of digitised embroidery design
A picture of a finished embroidery design
A Wilcom screenshot showing fancy stitch effects

Embroidery creativity features

Add some pizazz to your embroidery designs


  • The Motif Fills library is packed with stunning decorative fill patterns.

  • The Bling function is used to add rhinestones.

  • Auto-Appliqué makes light work of creating appliqué files.

Embroidery productivity features

Speed up digitising tasks

  • Automatically apply borders using the Simple Offsets tool. Borders can be run stitch, triple run stitch or satin columns.

  • Remove stitches where objects overlap using Remove Overlaps.

  • Apply Closest Join and the software will move the start and endpoints of each object as close as possible to avoid trims.

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Decorating comes with

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite

Convert vector graphics into embroidery and embroidery into graphics. 

Approval sheets

Print and email customer approval sheets. Show a fabric background or one of the many built-in hi-resolution images.

Production worksheets

Print and email customer approval sheets. Show a fabric background or one of the many built-in hi-resolution images.

Job management system

Add job details such as garment style, sizes, colours and quantities so everything is at hand to process the job.

A screenshot of a Wilcom generated  PDF customer approval sheet
A picture showing the details of a Wilcom generated embroidery worksheet

Production worksheets


When you save a Wilcom embroidery file it saves more than just the stitch data, it also saves the original artwork, the garment image, the embroidery preview, the job information and production information too.

That means no more customer folders and hand written notes.

The work sheet can be configured to display as much, or as little information as required, including

  1. Design size and stitch count.

  2. Special notes associated with the job.

  3. Machine run time.

  4. Thread colours and sewing order.

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Wilcom Elements logo

Power up EmbroideryStudio Decorating Digital Edition with Elements

Expand the functionality of Decorating by adding extra features (we call them Elements). Order Elements individually or in groups to save money.

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