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Team Names Advanced

This element can be added to Wilcom e4 Designing, e4 Decorating, e4 Lettering and e4 Editing. It can also be added to Wilcom Designing Digital Edition, Wilcom Decorating Digital Edition, Wilcom Lettering Digital Edition and Wilcom Editing Digital Edition.

A Wilcom software screenshot showing the team names interface
A Wilcom software screenshot showing advanced team name templates

Team Names Advanced speeds up the time it takes to embroider multiple lines of variable text, with or without a logo.

  1. Paste names from a text file or add them on the fly

  2. Generate the team name file and specify text properties

  3. Output the file to suit your machine configuration

Multi-Head Example

A multi-head machine machine can be used to stitch the main logo onto all the garments before the heads are switched off, then..

  1. Head number one is switched on and all the other heads switched off – Team name number one is stitched

  2. Head number one is switched off and head number two is switched on – Team name number two is stitched

  3. Head number two is switched off and head number three is switched on – Team name number three is stitched.. And repeat..

Single Head + Multi-Head Example

The main logo is stitched by the multi-head onto all garments then transferred to the single head to stitch the stack of names.

Team Name Advanced Features


  • Team member lists are no longer restricted to just three words so you can add on a club status, player position or anything else

  • Create templates consisting of multiple lines of text and assign effects such as warp and curve, just like the picture opposite

Elements start at just £343+vat each

Buy two and save 10% | Buy three and save 25% | Buy six and save 35%

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