Team Names Advanced

This element can be added to any level of Wilcom E4

Name drops made easy

Embroidering individual names is a chore, but not anymore.

  1. Paste names from a text file or add them on the fly
  2. Generate the team name file and specify text properties
  3. Output the file to suit your machine configuration

Multi-Head Example:

A multi-head machine machine can be used to stitch the main logo onto all the garments before the heads are switched off,  then..

  • Head number one is switched on and all the other heads switched off – Team name number one is stitched
  • Head number one is switched off and head number two is switched on – Team name number two is stitched
  • Head number two is switched off and head number three is switched on – Team name number three is stitched.. And repeat..

Single Head + Multi-Head Example:

The main logo is stitched by the multi-head onto all garments then transferred to the single head to stitch the stack of names.

Team Name Advanced Features

  • Team member lists are no longer restricted to just three words so you can add on a club status, player position or anything else
  • Create templates consisting of multiple lines of text and assign effects such as warp and curve, just like the picture opposite