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Wilcom Workspace has arrived


What does Wilcom Workspace do?

Wilcom Workspace can quickly open and save embroidery files. Users can scale and rotate designs, view production worksheets and create new colour variations.


Who is it for?

The program is accessed from a computer with an internet connection. That makes it perfect for sales teams on the road and production staff on the factory floor.


How much does it cost?

$6.99 p/m or save 42% with a $48.96 annual subscription. That’s the equivalent of just $4.08 per month, and there’s no contract so you can cancel anytime.

Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio e4.5

Get the latest version of Wilcom’s top level digitising software for £99 p/m

The ultimate embroidery software without the upfront cost, and delivered the next day.

You’ll receive:

  • Free lifetime updates – Always be up to date with the latest version
  • Free dongle insurance – You’re covered if it gets stolen
  • Discounted Training – Save 25% on our 1:1 training prices
  • Email and telephone support
This offer is limited to UK and Ireland customers only

Learn Wilcom FAST

With our Wilcom e4 video training course.



  • Get to grips with Wilcom in the shortest possible time
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Presented by an Authorised Wilcom Trainer
  • Over 40 videos and counting
  • Checkout sample videos on YouTube

Start-up or professional digistiser?

We’ve got an embroidery software system to fit your business.

e4.5 Lettering

Wilcom Lettering contains the compete collection of Wilcom ready to embroider fonts. You can convert true type fonts and open type fonts to embroidery and arrange the position around a design. Wilcom lettering  gives you complete control over stitch settings to make sure your embroidered text looks perfect on any type fabric.

e4.5 Editing

If you outsource digitising then Editing is for you. It has all the features of Lettering plus extra tools to modify designs. That could be a quick change of underlay to suit a different fabric type, or a major change like resequencing the sewing order so it stitches more efficiently. With Editing you can fix problems on the fly without asking the digitiser for help.

e4.5 Decorating

For embroiderers who want to digitise their own designs. e4 Decorating has all the features of Lettering and Editing plus an easy to use digitising tools to create logos from scratch. e4 Decorating costs £1899+vat and includes CorelDraw X8.

e4.5 Designing

Professional embroiderers choose e4 Designing. The productivity features make it much quicker to digitise compared to e4 Decorating and there’s lot a lot more expansion potential. e4 Designing costs £2999+vat or £99 p/m on subscription. It’s all you will ever need to create any type of embroidery design.

e4.5 Lettering is for embroiderers who personalise products with text and monograms.
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e4.5 Editing is for embroiderers who want to add lettering and improve the quality of their designs.
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e4.5 Decorating is for start-ups who want to create lettering, edit designs and digitise basic logos.

e4.5 Designing is the ultimate embroidery software. Create any type of embroidery design.

Trade in your current embroidery software for EmbroideryStudio e4.5.

It doesn’t matter how old or what brand, you can part exchange your current software and receive a healthy discount when you trade up to Wilcom.

Call us now to find out what it’s worth: 01297 300 501.

Wilcom’s Design Library is standard on all four products

Find all your embroidery designs in an instant.

Search by

  • Customer Name
  • Date
  • Size
  • Order Number
  • Stitch count
  • Colour quantity
  • Status
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“Great Program - I'm new to this and even I can use it!”

– Claire Blais, Canada
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Add more features with Wilcom Elements

Wilcom’s e4 Decorating and e4 Designing already contains tools for digitising great looking embroidery designs. As you expand, you can add more features to expand the software even further.
Learn more about Wilcom Elements here.


Your old software’s worth more than you think!

If you’re currently using another brand of embroidery software then call 01297 300501 and get your special “Trade up to Wilcom” price. You’re going to be amazed at how little it costs to own the worlds most powerful embroidery software.

“Best investment I have made. I’ve owned several software packages and out of all of them Wilcom is the best embroidery software. Definitely recommend to anyone buying software to start with Wilcom, they won’t be disappointed” R. Mitchell

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Help and Support

Every system includes 12 months e-mail and telephone support.

3 Easy ways to pay

  1. Subscription – Subscribe to E4 Embroidery Studio Designing for £99 p/m
  2. FlexPay – Spread the cost over 2 monthly installments
  3. Buy Outright – We accept all major credit and debit cards

What’s included with each new system

  • USB security key
  • Comprehensive instruction manual in PDF format
  • Online manual containing animated tutorials
  • Access to the Wilcom support website
  • Video tutorials
  • Library of stock designs