Add extra features with Wilcom Elements.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to increase the power of your embroidery software. We’ve bundled advanced features into packs and named them Elements. They are cheap to buy and you can add them at anytime.

Elements start at just £343+vat each

Buy two and save 10% | Buy three and save 25% | Buy six and save 35%

Element options.

e4 Lettering

e4 lettering software box

2 Optional Elements

  1. Kiosk
  2. Team Names Advanced

e4 Editing

wilcom e4 editing software box

2 Optional Elements

  1. Kiosk
  2. Team Names Advanced

e4 Decorating

wilcom e4 decorating software box

3 Optional Elements

  1. Photo Flash
  2. Offsets Advanced
  3. Team Names Advanced

e4 Designing

wilcom e4 designing software box

13 Optional Elements

  1. Motifs
  2. Spiral Fills
  3. Curved Fills
  4. Custom Splits
  5. Photo Flash
  6. Shading and Open Fills
  7. Font Creator
  8. Offsets Advanced
  9. Auto Arrangements
  10. Team Names Advanced
  11. Sequin
  12. Chenille
  13. Schiffli

Click on the icons to discover the features.