Shading & Open Fills

This element can be added to Wilcom E4 EmbroideryStudio Designing

Blending and fill effects

Colour Blending

(1) Select an embroidery object and click the colour blending tool. Choose two colours and pick from the preset stitch graduations then watch as the software blends the two together.

Accordion Spacing

(2) Apply Accordion Spacing to filled objects to produce a smooth graduation between dense and open stitching.


(3) Light fills can often show the travel stitches that exist under the embroidery.

(4) Use Trapunto to force all the travel stitches to the edge of the object.

Cross Stitch Fill

(5) Cross stitch looks great on applique or as an alternative to solid filled objects when you need to save stitches.

Stipple Fill

These fills create randomly generated tours of stitches that can be adjusted for length and complexity. Add texture to designs and create interesting effects. Stipple Stem Stitch is great for recreating grass and foliage.

(6) Stipple Fill Run
(7) Stipple Back Stitch
(8) Stipple Stem Stitch